Digital Assignment 4: 3D Models

So… I was having a little too much fun making 3D models, to the point where I told myself I had to stop. However, I noticed that with each object I photographed my models go increasingly better. So I will now walk you all through my 3D modeling journey.

Because my schedule was such that I couldn’t attend photographing at the Ackland, I decided that I would at least stay in the art realm and 3D model my figurine of the 3 graces that is based on a G. Ruggeri sculpture. My favorite painting is the Primavera by Botticelli and this figurine sits right below my copy of it in my living room. This first attempt, going in blind (because I was at the Henry Stewart DAM Conference the week we went over 3D modeling) I took 31 pictures and produced the object below (p.s. the videos were produced with the animation tool that I got somewhat better at using but not much)

It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t great. Since I went home for Thanksgiving, I realized my mother, collector of antiques and all things shiny, would probably have something neat for me to attempt to model. So my next attempt was to create a model of my mom’s replica FabergĂ© egg. In hindsight this was a terrible idea.

Beautiful object, terrible 3D model. Adding photos, aligning photos, and building the dense cloud went fine, when my computer went to go build the mesh however, it took 40 minutes and then it froze up. Perhaps if I had waited longer it would have eventually gone through? I didn’t have the patience for that though.

The next object I tried was a perfume decanter that sits on my mom’s dresser. I learned my lesson from the first figurine and realized I needed to take way more pictures so I ended up with over 100.

With this object, the modeling went pretty well save two things. The finial that is a very thing and glass like didn’t render properly and you can see the tea towel I put in the background to cover things on my mom’s kitchen counter (where my photo studio became). While I’ve since learned how to delete that part from the model, I left it in for the purposes of this video. MetaShape got the shape and texture right, but the towel is actually green striped.

Finally, I grabbed a little fairy figurine off of my night stand and photographer her. Like the decanter I realized I needed to take a lot of pictures so this include well over 100 photos of this little figurine. Because it is a small bronze figurine her face isn’t particularly defined in the real object, which is echoed here. I’m still working on trying to get the white of the counter out of the model, and have had some luck, but have also ended up with holes in the fairy that I don’t know how to fill, so the white will have to stay for now.

As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, I think I might have a slight obsession with making these, so I really want to redo the Three Graces and shoot a couple other objects and trinkets I have in my house… until then!